Marbella MassageTarget Escorts

Age: 30
Height: 172 cm (5´6")
Measurements: 90B-63-87 cm (35B-25-34)
Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs.)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Conversation: German, English, Spanish
Cuisine: French
Drinks: Wine
Wardrobe: Donna Karen
Lingerie: La Perla
Perfume: Chanel
Flowers: Orchids
Hobbies: Formula 1, Fitness, Reading
Occupation: Buyer



Are you looking for a truly beautiful experience with a dream woman? Then, Roxanna is the perfect Escort lady for you. She will instantly enchant you. A single lady with boundless energy and love of life, that loves the thrill of new experiences. She provides the perfect escort service and, in every respect is the perfect companion, being, quite simple, the fulfilment of every special and private wish you may have. Her long lustrous hair, her beaming light reddish brown eyes and her soft silken skin, exert a magical and irresistible attraction.

She is a fascinating lady, that radiates a quiet assurance and a poised enticing calm that not only charms, but immediately puts you at your ease. As wonderfully seductive as she is however, things become even more marvellous when her incredible romantic skills are given full play and your every intimate wish is brought to just the most perfect and exquisite completion!

Roxannas favourite cuisine is French with all it’s wonderful and rich diversity. An especial pleasure for her is an intimate romantic dinner, in a suitably charming environment, with a glass of fine wine to enhance the enjoyment of the evening and to lend some sparkle to the witty and charming conversation that hints so enticingly at the pleasures to follow. Having a very groomed, stylish but fit and healthy appearance is very important for Roxanna. She takes a great deal of care to make sure her figure is always maintained in perfect condition and to ensure that her wardrobe is chosen with equal care.

She especially likes the glamorous elegance of the fashions of Donna Karen. She is also very keen on feminine outfits and beautiful evening clothes, especially those by her favourite designer, that perfectly flatter to its fullest her stunning figure. As you might expect from a lady of this calibre, Roxanna finishes off her smouldering and glamorous look with stylish high heels that render her fabulous legs even more desirable and transform her, literally, into a vision of seduction in motion. She also ensures that her Makeup is always elegant, refined and seductive and that it perfectly matches the occasion.

Roxanna is an enthusiastic fan of Formula 1 and finds the sport as thrilling as it’s environment and culture exciting. She regularly practices other sports and fitness regimes to maintain herself in the peak of health and loveliness; she is also a keen reader and loves the intellectual stimulation and sense of serenity that this activity brings.

By profession Roxanna is a buyer and she also speaks several languages. In every sense, with Roxanna, you will experience a world of the most magical and exquisite pleasure and fulfilment!