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Age: 28
Height: 178 cm (5´8")
Measurements: 110C-65-90 cm (43C-25-35)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs.)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Conversation: English, Spanish, basic German
Cuisine: Fish, Sushi, Mediterranean
Drink: Gin Tonic
Wardrobe: Chanel
Lingerie: La Perla
Perfumes: Angel, Thierry Mugler
Flowers: Red roses
Hobbies: Art and Design
Perfum: Angel
Occupation: Dancer, Model
Smoker, Bisexual



Sharon is a stunning blonde escort and a breathtaking beauty of the highest calibre! She combines, with wondrous charm, beauty of which most only dream and the refined skills of a top class Escort Model. She radiates a fascinating and magical aura that fascinates, charms and entices. Long, shiny blond hair, shapely, luscious lips, full firm breasts, and skin as soft and delicate as silk, all the things that you have only every experienced in your deepest most intimate fantasies but have never dreamed could be possible in real life will, through our Escort service, on a date with Sharon, become for you the most wonderful reality

Nothing is left to chance, Sharon goes to every effort to ensure that your date with her will become one of the greatest moments of pleasure that you could possibly imagine. She is very confident and intelligent without sacrificing her natural feminine charm and attraction. Sharon does her best to make your deepest needs a happy reality for you and is an enthusiastic role player.

Sharon attaches great importance to well being and health and her preferences in cuisine reflect this. She loves all kinds of fish dishes, as well as Sushi and Mediterranean cuisine. She is very cultured and especially loves to travel to foreign countries as she finds that discovering the cultures of others especially interesting. Her great passion is dancing to good music and this helps to maintain her in peak fitness and to tone and shape her wonderful figure. A private dance for you by Sharon truly is a life changing experience!

Being very style conscious she is always impeccably dressed in the finest fashions, but she can also dress in a seductive, glamorous and enticing manner. She is confident, being a lady of style and class, which allows her to experiment with wearing the most stunningly seductive lingerie. Her preferred lingerie is La Perla. Sharon loves to wear stilettos and likes those that are well fitted, with a fine toe line and an enticingly high heel. With her exquisite tastes in clothing, lingerie and footwear Sharon enraptures the eye and stuns with the smouldering elegant sensuality that she radiates.

She loves the perfume Angel by Thierry Mugler, which, when gently touched to her exquisite skin, exudes a mesmerizing and evocative aroma.

Sharon is as a professional dancer and as a part time model and works for many famous labels, all of whom appreciate not only her model’s beauty but her manners, good sense and perfect attitude

Sharon considers impeccable conduct, manners, culture and courtesy of paramount importance.

Sharon will truly enthral you and leave you in no doubt as to what the perfect Escort Service realy is!